“A career is wonderful, but you can’t curl up with it on a cold night.” – Marilyn Monroe

This was the space I slept in.

I had intended to mention my test of my get home bag items, specifically my survival blanket.  During the evening of my work Christmas Party I decided that the idea of testing out my get home bag contents sounded very appealing.  Despite much laughter from my friends when I told them I was going to sleep in my van, I adjourned to my van early on the next morning to make myself comfortable.  I had the opinion that there would be sufficient room in the back for me to lay down and get some sleep, covered with this army issue blanket.  While the evening was not cold, I found that the blanket provided little in the way of insulation, causing me to wake regularly due to the cold.  In addition, the water which I kept in my bag was only 1 liter… which didn’t last too long.

Due to the inadequacy of the blanket which I had previously kept vacuum packed in my get home bag, and the fact it took up too much valuable space, I have decided to look elsewhere for suitable warmth.


I went to the pistol range on the weekend and competed in a competition.  While I did not win I managed to break my past record and achieve 81%.  As you may or may not recall, my past scores were:




With my score of 81% I have beaten my past records and I feel have now completed my personal goal of completing my 13 skill in Marksmanship.  I still have room to improve and much to learn so I will keep working on my skill.  While at the range I received some interesting tips from one of my fellow shooters.  I also had a great conversation about scopes for rifles and the best location to buy them.  This is something I will have to do next year as I would really like to get a red dot scope on my lever action rifle.

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