“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tsu

With the start of 2013 come new ideas and directions.  Every day, while at the office in which I work, people ask me questions on my farm or animals.  Several times a day I am asked about growing food, solutions to people’s garden problems or on raising animals.  After answering a question on rabbits recently, a friend made a joke that I should write a blog.  I realised that there is so much interest in my lifestyle that a blog could be fun and might be of interest to many people.  This has led to the creation of my blog.

I live with my partner, Kitty, and our four children on 20 acres in the south of Tasmania, Australia.  The origin of our change in lifestyle could be traced to five years ago, when we lived on the mainland of Australia and were suffering through the middle of a 5 year long drought.  Rain was scarce and my garden was suffering from lack of water.  A few years prior to this I had purchased John Seymour’s The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency and was thoroughly inspired to get back to basics.  This book explains John Seymour’s views on Self Sufficiency and gives a brief introduction to a huge range of topics as a gateway intending to be an beginners guide to the subject.  Reading this book really opened my eyes to the possibilities of producing my own food and wanting to get back in touch with my farming roots.  I wanted, despite the enormity of the task, to emulate John Seymour.  I have since realised that this was foolish and that I should follow my own path, yet I continue to be inspired by John Seymour’s work and the efforts of many others in this field.

After much deliberation and research we moved to Tasmania 4 years ago, looking for a remote location that had sufficient rainfall and a more temperate climate.  We were very fortunate to find our dream house on 20 acres in a rural area close to Hobart (the capital of Tasmania).  The house was built by a small family who sold the house as they wanted to move back to the city.  Very little had been done to improve the land, with only a few trees planted, and a large fire break around the house.  This seemed perfect for my family and would allow us to move in and, from the beginning, to work towards a self sufficient lifestyle (or as close as we could get to that goal).

Since that time we have worked hard to reach our target.  I work weekdays in the city, which is a major hindrance to working on the property, and because of this we have had to convert our original plans so that little input is needed to continue with our dream.

I hope that this blog may provide people with some inspiration as well as knowledge on how to, or not to, achieve your goal.


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