A Kayak is a great addition to your Prepping equipment.

Those who follow me on Instagram know that I have recently been trying out Kayaking.  A good friend of mine, who knows of my interest in self sufficiency, offered me the use of his Kayak.  I have talked about my intention to get a Kayak some time ago on this website… I have been dreaming about how great it would be once I own one and how I could get out on the deeper water to fish.  Now that I have one to use I have to say I am still very interested in getting a Kayak of my own.

The Kayak which I am currently using is a specially designed, SCUBA, Kayak.  It is meant for a SCUBA diver to use this to transport their equipment to their dive location.  Due to this feature, it is lacking in some of the things I would like in a Kayak, such as storage compartments… yet it is still great for me to get an idea of what it is like on the water.  I really wanted to try one out before I bought one, mostly as they can be so expensive.  It would be awful to buy one, then realise I hate being out on the water!  Trying one out is important.

I picked it up from my friend on Friday after work and I immediately drove home, then went straight down to the beach to test it out (arriving there around 7pm).  I was a little unsteady at first, yet after a couple of minutes I was gliding over the water like a professional.  I also gave my kids a turn and they had great fun.

On Saturday morning I work up early and headed out by myself.  I realised that before I could head into the deeper water I needed to be sure I could get back into the craft should I fall out.  Imagine being in the deep bay and not able to climb back into the Kayak?  I went out into the water, close enough to the shore to swim, yet deep enough so I couldn’t touch the ground.  I then proceeded to, intentionally, fall from the Kayak and then climb back in.  After the sixth time I was tired enough to call it for the morning, so I headed home… yet a little more confident that I could complete the drill of re-entering in deep water.

Over the course of the rest of the day, and the next day too, I went to the water six more times.  Each time I tried the deep water entry to the Kayak and I am glad to say that by Sunday I could do it with no problems.  I also paddled out a hundred metres from the shore and sat there to contemplate the serenity.  It is very relaxing to be out there with no people around, with the sound of the water and the sun to be my companions.  The water was so clear I could see many metres below the surface, which made me enthusiastic to try some snorkelling.  I would have liked to take my phone out to take some photos, yet I was too worried it would get wet.

This week I am intending to get out on the bay at my house and try to catch some fish… being able to bring food to the table will make it easy to justify the cost of the kayak.

The Kayak, is a little too small for my needs.  Due to my immense body weight, it rides a little too low in the water.  It also feels a little unsteady… which makes me think I would need a larger Kayak.  A couple that I think look nice are the Malibu X Factor. As well as the Malibu Stealth 14.

Nice image of the Malibu X Factor from http://www.pierandsurf.com/fishing-forum/showthread.php?108763-WTS-Malibu-X-factor-Kayak

These are more money than I can currently afford, so I will have to start saving up for them.  My family also realise how much fun they have on the water, so they all want to get Kayaks too… that is going to be lots of fun (and money) when we all get out there on the water.  If only there was a way I could take our dogs with us.

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