A new batch of eggs in the incubator.

The five chicks which hatched on the weekend have found a new home.  I did consider raising them up to adults, yet I don’t have the time or capcacity at the moment to do that.  I offered my son the chance to sell them, which he did with an online ad.  He placed the advertisement online and the next day two people asked to buy them  He made himself a quick $25 for all my hard work.  Next time, I think I might sell them myself.

Just days after removing the newly hatched chicks from the incubator, where I had been storing them, I decided to throw in another batch of eggs.  These were some eggs which I found quite by accident.  Whilst in the garden, working on the stairs that I installed on the weekend, the eggs were spotted amongst the plants… very close to where I was working.


When I spotted them on the weekend, I noticed that Orlaith hadn’t eat any of the 16 that were hidden, so I decided that she must not know of their existence.  I decided to keep my eye on whether a chicken was brooding them, yet over the next couple of days we only spotted hen sit on them once.  As I had just emptied my incubator I decided that these eggs may be the ones to go in next.

I gathered a dozen of the best-looking eggs, leaving four to take their chances (they didn’t last more than a couple of days… Orlaith took care of that).  I placed them into my incubator and, whilst I am not very optimistic, I hope that they will hatch.

The incubator I am using has proven to be very reliable, despite it’s low cost.  I have created a video of how I set mine up for running a batch of eggs, which might be useful to anyone considering the model I have.

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