“A place for everything, everything in its place.” – Benjamin Franklin

Tomorrow is the Huon Show, an event that I have been anticipating for quiet a lone time now.  We have several plans for the show, each of my children want a showbag, Kitty is hoping to find a couple of great little Hens to join our flock.  I want to find an Australorp Rooster (hopefully a show winner) and buy him to replace the one I currently own.


What will I do with the Rooster I own?  Well, he has turned out to have a terrible temperament.  The other day, while Kitty was feeding him and the girls, he leapt up and attacked her.  She was left with a large scratch on her left arm and has told me that she will be happy when he is gone.  This Rooster appears to have never forgiven me for taking his sisters from him.  While I had intended to have him breed with the hens (and I have, with my friend Ros having advised me that 6 have hatched from the eggs I gave her, and a bunch of eggs waiting for the incubator), he is just too terrible to keep around.  If I can buy a high quality male from the show, I might be in a better position.

In the mean time, I have finished building a special chicken pen for them to spend time in… when we get a dog I don’t want them to be bothering each other.  The area is under my well established orchid, so they should have access to the fallen fruit from the trees.  I completed the gate a week ago, and after buying additional wire and posts, I completed it the other day.  As you can see from the image below, I used an old gate I found under my house.  It was much too heavy for me to use in the place I intended, so I removed some of the panels, replacing them with some old bird wire.  The resulting gate was much lighter, and was able to be held up with some old coaxial cable I found.  As with most of my creations, it isn’t the prettiest thing around, yet it works.

As you can see in the below image, the complete fence really makes the garden look great.  The chickens seem to be enjoying their new home, they have already started to lay eggs in a nest they have made.  I have collected enough to run a test in my incubator (which will start once I finish trying out the features) so I have decided to let the girls try to hatch the ones they have.


So if you see me at the Show, be sure to come and say “hi”.

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