“A strong body makes the mind strong.” – Thomas Jefferson

This is a picture of me from December when we were up on the Eastern coast of Tassie. As you can see, I could loose some weight.

One of my goals within my 13 skills plan is “Fitness”.  One of my friends asked me what fitness has with being prepared.  I explained that fitness should decrease your chance of any serious illness and will improve your overall life.  Being fit enough to do all the work I do on my property is a definite bonus too.  I have been working towards achieving a satisfactory level of fitness for most of this year, yet I have not been making any real progress, or I should say that I am not really happy with my progress.  I had been going to the gym 5 days a week, lots of Cardio and some weight.  While I did feel fitter and stronger, I didn’t feel like I was getting any real benefits.  I have decided to change my approach and work at this from another angle.

After watching a documentary by Dr Mosley, called “Eat, Fast and live longer”.  In this documentary he explained the concept of the 5:2 diet (or the Fast diet) and the health benefits of this diet.  I discussed this with my doctor who agreed that there were health benefits with periodic fasting.  Kitty and I decided to begin this diet and see if there were anything to it.  I am now in week 8 of this diet and I have been losing about 1 kg per week, which I feel is pretty good.  I had my cholesterol and other levels checked before I began this diet, so I intend to get them re-tested sometime soon so I can see if there has been an improvement there.

In addition to this I have decided that I need to improve my levels of strength, stamina and general fitness.  I have decided to try the “Tapout” fitness program.  I tested out a few of the videos recently and I felt that there was a definite level of difficulty to them which was showing benefits to my fitness.  I initially tried the 90 day challenge the DVDs make, which is 6 days a week of intense training, with one day off.  After the first two weeks I felt so bad that it felt like my muscles were falling off my skeleton.  After a brief recovery I have decided that I will take the 90 day challenge and give it my best shot, yet I have modified it.  I am currently in week two of the program, where I train Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I can already feel a greater amount of fitness, yet I must say, it is VERY difficult.   Once I reach a higher level of fitness I will try to add additional days to my training.

This is an image from the Tapout XT website, showing Monet Castaneda. He is a big inspiration for me to achieve my goals.

I hope that once I complete this program I can look at my 13 skill of Martial Arts, seeing as I will be fitter and more able to train.

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