A successful fishing trip

While it is still summer and warm outside, I am very happy to be out and trying to catch some fish.  As you all probably know, I may be the worst fisherman in the world.  I don’t know what I am doing most of the time, and I rarely catch anything.  Lately, this has been changing with my focused effort to improve my skill in fishing.

As I drove home from work the other day I had an urge to get out and fish again… so I headed to the jetty, with my daughter, once I had finished everything I had to do at home.

The reason for my renewed passion for fishing was due to my chatting to a friend at work, who had given me some advice on how to bait the hook.  She told me that she throws larger pieces of meet on the hook, which is different to my normal small piece strategy.  I tried her method and I ended up catching 3 fish. The first fish I caught was a blue mackerel, on the first cast!  I hadn’t even bothered to set up the camera.

I am sure you can see in the video how excited I am at catching the fish.


My daughter filmed the event for me… she is still learning how to use the camera.  I also apologise for the sound of the wind.  I did manage to edit some of it from the video, yet I am working on a better solution in the future.

After I caught the Mackerel, I caught two other fish that were Flathead.  Those were undersized, so I had to send them back into the sea.

I was very impressed with the taste of the blue mackerel.  These fish make great eating, with their oily flesh, although they did have a lot of bones.  I cooked this one in a splash of oil, with some salt, and it was so amazing I couldn’t believe the flavor.



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