A water filter for my Get home Bag

My get home kit is now (as far as I am aware) complete.  I just received a Sawyer Mini water filter from an online retailer and it arrived today.  I so excited to get this item I have had on my wish list for nearly two years… yet every time I planned to buy it we would have something come up and I couldn’t justify the expenditure.  When Father’s day came last month, Kitty forgot to buy me a present.  We don’t normally go big on Father’s/Mother’s day, yet she decided to surprise me with this item.  Kitty found the item in our eBay cart, as I place it there every time I decide to buy it (yet, as I said, I never do).


I wanted the orange version, despite their offering many different colours.  Why did I choose orange?  I figured that when I drop it, I want to be able to find it easily.  Imagine buying the camouflaged version and never finding it if you dropped it in the wilderness!  Not my idea of a great time.

One of the great things about the Sawyer water filter is the huge volume it can purify.  The label states that it can purify 100,000 gallons of water… which is over 378k litres of water!  More than I could consume.  I have read that the flow rate is pretty slow, yet I am willing to forgive that for the great size, cost and life span.

It also offers protection against bacteria and protozoa, removing 99.99% of all these little undesirables.  This is much more protection than I think I would need, and if I combined it with some water purification tablets (which I also carry) I think it would remove any chance of getting a nasty bug.  I also carry a few powdered drinks that can be added to the water to improve the flavour.

I will be giving the filter a proper work out when the weather clears up, as I am planning several hiking trips with my kids.  Hopefully this will be a great Spring/summer.

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