“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.” – Leonardo da Vinci

We have had some better weather here over the last couple of days, which has allowed me the comfort of working outside without fear of freezing.

One of the first things I worked on was the Chicken Tractors.   I did a little maintenance on my original build, as there were quiet a few design faults with it.  I am going to have to totally rebuilt the top half of the tractor, yet I currently don’t have the wood I need to do this.  In the mean time, I made a couple of changes to allow it to work better, such as cutting some extra wood from the frame, and making the wire a little more secure (one of the Roosters keeps escaping when I don’t want them out of the tractor). I also have realised that I need to consider building a third tractor, as these guys seem a little more crowded than I would like.


I have been advised, both from a Gardening Australia segment, and from conversations with fellow gardeners, that now is the time for planting peas and beans.  At first, I didn’t believe it, as I have already had a great harvest over the summer months.  Yet, my books are also telling me that this is the right time to plant.  So I am going ahead with planting some of the seeds I have from previous seasons, keeping the most recent seed harvest for next year.  I am pretty much just slamming them into the ground everywhere I can.


I have been working on my garden in other ways too… raking up the leaves that have fallen from the trees.  I am throwing these into a the compost and into other areas to improve the garden.  My daughter also provided a huge amount of help, in the form of doing most of the raking.  We had a great time out there, working in the leaves, and making a game of trying to be the one who finds the smoothest leaf.


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