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Making a better life for my family in Tasmania.

The goal of my blog is to provide readers with inspiration to attempt to achieve their goals.  I feel that if I can live my dream, anyone can do it.

I live in a small country town on around a quarter of an acre near Hobart, Tasmania, in the great southern country of Australia.  I live with my partner, Kitty, and our three children.  Our goals are to become as self sufficient as we can without loosing sight of comfort.  By this I mean that we will provide as much food for our table as we can, without quitting my day job.

I have been prepping heavily since 2001.  At that time the only other people doing things similar to me were Survivalists and Homesteaders.  I felt that those terms did not suit my intentions.  Homesteaders, while having similar methods that I intended to use, seemed to be doing so for the simple reason that the older ways were better than modern methods.  Survivalists seemed to have similar reasons for preparing as I, yet all survivalists I encountered had underlying religious or conspiracy beliefs that I felt was out of touch with my reasons for preparing.  I decided that no term fit my specific path so I came up with a new one, that was to refer to myself as a Preparationist.  I was preparing for any eventuality that might occur that would cause issues for my family and attempting to come up with solutions.  I am working towards becoming self-reliant, being able to provide for my family and not relying on other people for our continued existence.

I feel it is exciting that the term “prepper” is now becoming a more popular term for preparing.  People have prepared for things for centuries, be it preparing for winter, preparing for war or simply putting away their valuable items should anything bad occur.

Before I began prepping as an adult, I remember my parents were preparing.  We didn’t have very much money, yet I remember my father and mother talking.  My father worked in Army Intelligence and he warned my mother that if certain things happened she was to gather us, food and other things and flee the city.  I suspect they were preparing for a world war event.  This had a big influence on me as a child.

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