Agatha – the new addition to the Homestead

As I mentioned in my post from late February, the lady who sold me Edith offered to give me a replacement bunny (when the bunny was old enough to leave it’s mother).  That day has finally come and our new Bunny, Agatha, is here.

Sonya, the lady who breeds and sold me the Bunny, met me at her house and showed me her great Rabbit setup.  She has a great backyard that she uses to breed the rabbits.  She also has a small business building rabbit hutches, which look very sturdy.


Agatha is a very pretty little bunny and I am sure her babies will look great.  She is pretty friendly already, yet I will have to take the time to get her used to being picked up and handled.  She is also fairly young, being only 12 weeks old.  I will have to wait till the Winter has ended, which is when she may be old enough to breed… yet that isn’t a priority at the moment.  I just want to make sure she is healthy and happy.

I am sure you can see from these photos that she is a lovely little bunny.

I can’t help thinking about how easily our last bunny, Edith, died.  So I have taken precautions by keeping Agatha close to the house, far from the road, and near other Rabbits who might be able to make Agatha feel less lonely.

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