“All of us every single year, we’re a different person. I don’t think we’re the same person all our lives.” – Steven Spielberg

Happy new year to you all.

2013 was a very eventful year at the Little Tassie Prepper household.  The year started as usual with gardening, tending to our animals and other tasks, yet the imminent threat of bushfire in February did much to show us that our preps were not sufficient to protect us from such a disaster.  In addition to this, my plans to work on our personal preparedness and to also complete my 13 skills were side tracked when we made the decision to sell out house and move to another plot of land.

The aftermath of the February 2013 bush fires.

We are hopeful that our work on the property will assist us in selling soon and allowing us to get the price we want so we can set up on the land we want.

In relation to the 13 skills challenge, I did not reach the goal of accomplishing 13 skills in the year.  Despite this I feel I made great progress and in the end I completed 10 skills, putting me close to my target.  Not a terrible result and it is something which I can build upon in 2014.  In the end the skills I completed were:

Food Storage;
Building Community;
Blade Sharpening;
Animal Husbandry;
Organizational Skills;
Gardening, and;

I have not yet decided on which skills I will complete in 2014.  I will first wait to see if the 13 skills website does anything to make this easier to record the information, such as deleting the previous years results.  I have some rough ideas of the skills I want to add, and my family are keen to add some skills of their own (such as Archery), so that should make for some interesting reading.  In addition, once we move house I will have a lot of useful information and stories to tell on setting up a house from scratch.  I hope to have some new Instructables and videos to assist in teaching new skills.
Apart from all the above, it is business as usual here.  I intend to keep busy this year with my work, with my family and with helping people to become more prepared.  With the positive reaction I have received from many of you who read my blog, I will keep working to make our life better and through this hopefully inspire you all to meet your own personal goals.

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