“Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time dead” – Scottish Proverb

On Sunday it was Father’s Day in Australia, so I was treated to a wonderful breakfast of eggs from my hens, as well as a few gifts from my kids that they had made themselves at school.


During the day I spend my time outside, working in the garden.  The weather was great, so I set out to work on a few of my garden projects that I had put off due to the Winter weather.  The first of these was to finally install a watering system inside my greenhouse.  I had limited success with my greenhouse when I planted into it earlier in the year.  I put part of the blame for this is the fact that it was a hassle to water the plants.  I tried to dutifully water them, yet I would miss days, and some plants seem to have not been watered enough.  I have installed a “misting” type system, so that the whole greenhouse is filled with water mist.  After around 60 seconds I can shut the water off and all the plants in the greenhouse have been moistened sufficiently.

It may not be much, but it works.

Speaking of plants in the greenhouse, I also spent several hours planting seeds for the season ahead.  I had spent some time on Thursday and Friday putting together, and checking out the soil I was intending to use.  I had bought a pH checker so that I could be sure that the soil was the correct type for the plants I would grow.  I have not used an electronic device before, usually sticking with the old fashioned (chemical) kits, so this could be an easier way.  The soil was a combination of last year’s soil, compost from my compost pile, and worm tea (with some worm manure too).  With a pH balance of 6.7, I was pretty happy with the results  As it was a lovely day outside, I set up a table and set to work on putting the soil into the pots, and the seeds into the soil.  I tried to keep a record of which seeds were in which pot, yet I wasn’t too accurate with my record keeping.


My beloved dog Morleigh is close to the end of her life.  Until these last few weeks I was sure that she was doing fine, despite her 14 years of age.  She was showing signs of her age, yet I had hoped that if she could make it to Summer, she would be OK… that she only needed to experience the warmth of the sun again.  I have had to accept that this is not the case… that she is not well and not enjoying her life as much as she once did.  She has trouble walking around most of the time and she normally falls over and trips over her legs, only to find that she can’t get up without someone picking her off the ground.

The old girl

While I support a person’s right to choose, and I respect a pet owner who makes the decision for their four legged family member, I have been reluctant to make the decision for my old girl.  Maybe I have been a bit selfish, keeping her on longer than she would normally live.  I will contact my vet to assist in helping to put Morleigh to sleep.  I have decided that once she passes, we will bury her in the backyard.  I have a place where a tree fell last year, that I can bury her and plant something nice on the spot (maybe a Walnut).  So, on the weekend, I spent an hour (and some time every day this week) digging the grave for her.  I will be sad when she goes, and I will miss her too, but I think it would be better than life with pain and being unable to move.

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