“Big doesn’t necessarily mean better. Sunflowers aren’t better than violets.” – Edna Ferber


I am still on the hunt for a source of Comfrey.  I want to plant some on my property, for the medicinal uses as well as the benefits it provides to the nearby plants. All I seem to be able to grow/find is foxglove.  I have contacted a few nurseries, who tell me that they can get it in.  Yet on two different occasions, when I show up to pick it up, they have sold it to someone else.  Not great customer service.  I did manage to find some Comfrey seeds, which I have planted into punnets to grow in my Mini greenhouse.

Speaking of my mini greenhouse, I have been growing lots of seeds in within, trying to develop a supply of seedlings to go into my garden.  My Tomato plants seem to be off to a good start, which you can see in the above image in the middle tray.


This morning, I went out to examine my mushroom farm.  I set up the Mushroom Kit in September, and since then I have seen almost nothing happen.  I have been following the instructions and watering it when advised, keeping it in a location it likes.  In all that time I have seen nothing come from this.  This morning, I went out, considering that I would probably throw the thing away, and to my surprise I found that a mushroom was growing in the kit!


I think it is a great result.  I will keep maintaining the kit to see how many more I can produce.  I have not had any success with the alternate methods which I was using.  I will go back, research it a little more, then maybe post some information about it soon.  The people who have been providing me with my daily coffee at work, and the coffee grounds which I have been using as a grow medium, have expressed an interest in buying mushrooms off me once I get enough production.  While I don’t know if I would do that, it is encouraging to receive such requests.

Finally, the huge rock that was preventing me from finishing a fence pile hole… and caused me to be injured during my leave, is out of the ground.  I managed to smash it up a little with a sledge hammer, and using some metal bars I extracted if from the earth.  I intend to place this stone in a position of honor, to show off the beast that I conquered.

While it is so incredibly heavy I had trouble lifting it, it looks a lot smaller than I expected.

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