“But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated.” – Ernest Hemingway

A week ago I decided to move my fodder which I had been growing in the mini-greenhouse for several years, to my normal greenhouse.  The mini-greenhouse didn’t have any real problems by itself… everything worked well and the grain grew nicely.  The front door panel didn’t close properly, yet that wasn’t a big issue.  The problem lay in the little visitors which I had noticed… little sparrows had worked out that they could sneak around the plastic cover and eat their fill of the grain.  They were not eating excessive amounts, yet it was irritating that a couple of dozen little birds were eating my chickens food as well as pooing in the grain.

I decided that I would move the fodder to my nearby greenhouse.  The door was easier to close and it would prevent any little birds from taking the fodder.  For almost a week I had no problems, then I had a nighttime visitor who decided that my fodder was for them.  They knocked over a bucket of fodder, and ate the majority of another.  I found evidence of a possum (possum poo) in the greenhouse.  I decided to use a little scrap wood to block the door before I left it for the night and waited till the next day.


As you can see from the above image, something entered (possibly under the zippered door) and knocked over fodder buckets, punnets of soil (I will intending to plant into them later) and spilled water everywhere!  I picked up the buckets before I took the above image.  There was also 10 times the animal poo was present.

It was pretty shocking that maybe a whole family of possums would do such damage.  These animals not only ate half my fodder, and tipped over the other half… the also pooed into the buckets containing fodder which they didn’t eat.  Basically, the crapped all over my fodder operation.

I have since used large pieces of board to block the entrance to the greenhouse and restarted my fodder growing.  Such are the joys of living in the country.



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