“…certainly not by biting off the hand that feeds us…” – Lynn Margulis

I have been spending some time working on a new Instructable, describing how to make fodder using my new system.   I hope to have it up on the site in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that.  The process isn’t flowing as easily as my previous submissions, yet I hope that it will come out easy to read and understand.


We have another new addition to the house, I bought a nice Rooster named Reginald (or Reggy as I like to call him).  As some of you know, I have been on the lookout for a new Rooster for a couple of months now… I was beginning to worry that I would never find the right one.  I found plenty of people offering Rooster from different species, yet I really wanted to stick to my Australorp breed (as least for the moment).  Well, after weeks of searching I made a decision on Saturday night that maybe I should find a different breed to try.  To that end I started to search for different breeds in my area, and it was then that I noticed a new ad for an Australorp Rooster.  Someone in Cygnet was offering them for sale for $10 (previously asking $15), I couldn’t let this one go.

Here is our new Rooster, Reginald. Please ignore the mess in the background.

Early next morning the whole family and I set out to meet the new Rooster.  He was living in a pen with around 5 other Roosters and a dozen or so Hens.  I was allowed to grab which ever Rooster I liked (although it turned out to be which ever Rooster I could catch), and I ended up getting a hold of Reggy.  He is a fine looking boy, he seems a little larger than my current Rooster.


I delivered him home and set him up in the hen house to stay the night.  I wanted him to be used to the location before I opened the door and offered him the chance to flee, although I am sure that once he realised he is going to have 7 hens to himself he was very happy he came to live with me.  He was so happy that within 10 seconds of leaving the Hen house, he mounted and mated with one of the girls.  This Rooster is a real chick magnet.

Here is Reggy getting to work right away.

The Rooster I already owned has been waiting on Death Row for several weeks now.  He is my last Rooster and I have been trying to work out a way to justify keeping him.  I can’t keep him to breed with the girls, as they are his sisters and mother.  No one seems to want to buy him, and he is just eating food, messing up the grass, and making a racket in the mornings… yet I still didn’t want to eat him.  Well, he made it a little easier for me last night, when he decided to attack me when I fed him.  I blame the fact that I brought home a new Rooster, so he is a little put out.  When I went to feed him he started to bite my hand and scratch my arm with his claws.  Right then and there I decided that when I get a chance I will have to eat him.


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