“Christmas is, of course, the time to be home…” – Garry Moore

We have had a bit of a relaxing time this week with Christmas on Friday, and the celebration continuing throughout the weekend.  I have done little around the property, due to spending time relaxing with the family, and if I was being honest I may have taken a few steps backwards. I know that I have not done any exercise this week and although I have tried to do so in moderation, I know that I have eaten much more than I usually eat.  I will have to get back into that this week.

Our chicks are growing well, they have almost doubled in size since they hatched almost two weeks ago.  They are spending their nights indoors, in a special brooder box.  It is actually a large plastic storage container, with a lid covering most of the top, and a red heat lamp hanging into the box.


We are getting a nice harvest of produce at the moment.   More radishes then can be eaten (I am the only one who eats them), so some of them go to the rabbits… they seem to love to eat them.  We are getting some cherries, yet the birds have again made short work of them.  I seem to have eaten less of my home grown cherries this year than last year.  We are also not getting any Cherry plums, as the tree is not putting many out.  I suspect it is due to my neighbor cutting several of the branches when he helped to put the fence up.  Hopefully e gather enough fruit to make some jams, like we did last year.

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