“Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.” – Virgil

We are all steam ahead at the moment, with the hand over of our house, and the one we are buying happening on the same day.  Many things need to be organised and finalised before we make the move, and Kitty and I are doing our best to not break under the constant pressure and stress of the whole thing.  I mentioned to a few friends today that if I ever get a tattoo, it will be the following words on my forearm;

Never Move Again!

To be honest, it is not that bad… it is just very stressful with the run of bad luck we have had lately.  Especially the issues with the cars.  Thanks to Craig at AutoTechnik, I have my van back in great working order. If anyone reading this has need of a good mechanic, check them out.  They are always honest, reliable, and they will always try to fit us in if we need assistance with our car.


I am inviting the people who bought our house over, just before the move, so that I can explain how to make htings work on the property… such as how to get water from the spring to the water tanks, how to fix the solar panels if they go down, and other oddities with the property.



We are all beginning to get very excited about the move, and being able to relax a little.  Kitty and I are thinking about things we will do to the new house, with the intention of waiting till we are there before we start to plan the new Garden.  With that in mind, I wanted to share an excellent podcast which I was told about by one of my Permaculture friends. The Podcast is by Permaculture Voices, which is a Podcast I have not listened to before.  I am usually too busy catching up on Jack Spirko’s Survival Podcast, as he puts out 5 a week.  I found episode 51, on the Market Farmer Jean-Martin Fortier, to be amazingly inspiring.  I don’t know if it something that I would be able (or want to do), yet I really picked up a great deal of information from this one.

I would recommend watching some of his videos, listening to the podcast, and maybe checking out his book… if you are at all interested in this topic.


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