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  1. Hi my names dave we moved to cygnet three weeks ago from Victoria for a better life . I’ve been a prepper for about 10 years or more. If you would like to meet up drop us a line .

  2. Hi LTP. Am new to Tassie and interested in catching up with other Preppers too. Also from Victoria and been prepping for 5+ years. calaf.tod[AT]

  3. Hi, I’m in NSW at the moment but grew up in Tassie. I’ll be moving back down soon, good to see some fellow preppers down there!

  4. Hi Dan,

    I am a video journalist at the ABC and am interested in learning more about prepping. I’ve read the information on your website and I was wondering if you would be interested in being interviewed about why and how you prepare for disasters. It would be for an ABC social media video and could be shot and edited without revealing you or your location.


    Andy Cunningham 0439 647056

  5. Greetings. My wife and I are living in Queensland but wish to move south to TAS or NZ and purchase acreage for self-sufficiency and prepping purposes. We are searching for information as to which regions have the correct mix of resources, isolation, and climate resilience?. Our goals are to be able to be self sufficient as much as we can during what we feel is a coming change in the world climate (food supply, water, population, etc. etc) over the next 50 years. Do you have advice. Note we are not overly concerned with nuclear war, volcanoes, zombies :), and other things that are a bit more unlikely or so catastrophic that you might not want to survive anyways. So we plan on touring TAS and NZ this summer for a poke around and would like to get as much information as possible first.

    Thanks. brett

    1. Hi Brett,
      thanks for the message. I feel that Tasmania might be one of the best options for people, yet I guess I am a little biased as I moved here for similar reasons. I will try to give you some advice, although I need to point out that it is just my point of view and I hope that you investigate further (not just take my information as 100% accurate).

      Where you want to live in Tasmania will your needs… do you need to work in the city? Is rainfall important? Want great neighbors who will help you?

      I looked into many places before I moved to Tassie, and once here I investigated further before I settled on my location. I think that South of Hobart (in the Huon Valley) are some of the better places, The people down here are more relaxed, you get a lot of hippies, yet they are very into good production (which should suit your needs if you want to grow food). We get lots of rain down here, so the summers are rarely too dry. The winters are fairly mild and the summers are not too hot (although you would notice the change coming from Queensland). It is also some very beautiful country down here.

      There are places in the very far north… to the west of Devonport, which are so lovely and furtile, yet they get severe weather.
      If you have some places in mind, or some needs, let me know at my email

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