Day two and three of the Bunny Diaries – Tragedy strikes!

Day two arrived and we still have the babies.  We were very happy with Marylin… after loosing so many of the last batches of babies.  Yet this joy was not to last.


After the luck we have had lately, it was about time that something bad happened.  Overnight on day two, one of the babies died.  I have no clues as to how or why.  It appeared fine, yet for some reason it died.  My younger son buried it in the garden.  Marylin left it in the open for us to find, so I expect that it may have crawled out in the night and it died on it’s own.

I also discovered that she has a runt, that is obviously smaller than the other bunnies.  I hope that now there is less competition for the milk it has a chance to survive.

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