Dealing with an injured bunny – Reality of homesteading

With great sadness I had to put the injured bunny down yesterday.  I could see that her back foot was dislocated, and I had hoped (despite my last post mentioning I would put her down) that it wasn’t as bad as I thought and she would recover.  On Sunday I could see that she was lethargic and suffering so I knew I had to make the decision to put her down.


Rather than risk an error by using other methods (such as an axe, broken neck, or the knife), I chose to shoot her with my .22 rifle.  I was not happy that this was the only option for me, yet it had to be done for the sake of mercy.

This is the reality of homesteading… that the animals in your care can become injured and you will have to deal with the results.  If you (or someone in your house) can’t deal with killing an animal for mercy then homesteading might not be the way for you.

After butchering her, I started thinking that maybe I could take some of it for my own consumption…. Kitty wouldn’t eat the meat, so I did think about taking the heart and liver for myself.  After examining the organs, I could tell that things were not all good.  Her liver wasn’t the right, dark red, colour.  I suspect that the bunny had blood poisoning… I don’t know if this could be passed to me, and I don’t want to find out the hard way.

All in all, this litter has been the most work out of any yet.  We started with six, and now have one healthy boy.  So much effort for so little reward.

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