Did you know that chickens sing?

Did you know that chickens can sing?  They don’t have the nicest voice, yet their calls do signify that an egg has been laid.  After a chicken lays an egg she will cluck and call, making a big production about the egg she has laid.  If you pay attention and notice this, you can get the egg when it is fresh from the chicken.  I have had a lot of trouble collecting eggs this season, with my dog Orlaith being a much faster gatherer than I.  She usually, unless I am paying attention, finds them and eats them.  For a few days I was more alert when the chickens sang their song after they laid their eggs.

With a dozen eggs collected I decided to set up the incubator in the studio.  It is a very simple procedure once you have learnt it.  If you are interested in incubating eggs there are many great companies which make them.  The model I use was pretty inexpensive… I bought it off eBay a couple of years ago for less than $100.

It isn’t quality, and I have read of some people saying it only lasts a few years, yet I have found it to be not too bad.  I did have trouble with the instructions, as they were in Chinese and the English wasn’t great, yet I worked it out in the end.  I have heard that some of the better quality incubators are made by Greatlander, and Janoel… yet I will stick to my no name brand for now.


With the eggs, you need to ensure that you place them so that the pointed part of the shell is directed downwards!  This guarantees the air sack to be at the correct location.  After this, you need to check the incubator daily to safeguard against the water running out (it needs to be at the correct humidity) and then it is mostly just playing the waiting game.

I am not sure what I will do with the chicks once they have hatched.  I don’t want to keep them as I can’t breed with them.  I may try to swap them with someone else or sell them.  For now, I am just starting the process of hatching the eggs.  I will work out the rest later.



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