“Dogs are my favorite people.” – Richard Dean Anderson

A picture from September 2012. Just after we brought George home. Here he is playing with Morleigh as I look on.

I currently own three dogs, a Great Dane and two Merimers.  The Great Dane is around 11 or 12 years old which is very old for a large dog (they normally live till 10 years) yet she is still very active and despite her hair turning grey she acts like a puppy.  The two Merimers are 8 and 6 months old and it is time for me to begin training.  With Morleigh (my Great Dane) I took her to a professional dog training class and ensured that she understood the basic commands.  Since that time I have read a book or two on the subject and I feel that I may be able to do the training for my new dogs.

I initiated proper training for George (my male Merimer puppy) yesterday.  This training consisted of the initial command “Sit”.  I had a pocket full of dog jerky treats and I used tiny parts of the food to reward him when he followed my command to sit.  I also used this as a way to walk away from him and call him to me, to re-enforce the fact that he should be coming when called.  I ran this training for around 5 minutes and I intend to repeat this every few days to make sure he has grasped this command.  Once I am happy he can follow the “sit” command, I will begin work on the “stay” command.  I can then tell him to sit and stay, then introduce the “come” command.

George getting a treat and some praise for sitting on command


In addition to the above, I also need to work on George’s leash skills.  George is very reluctant to be led on the leash.  Once I have established that I am the one giving the commands I will work on training him with a leash.

This all is in aid of keeping George on the property and his job as our guard dog.  He has developed a tendency to run off the property when he hears a car drive past, often chasing it.  I am about to install a Pet-Safe underground fencing system to make sure he does not leave the property.  He is a very good guard dog, I just need to make sure he doesn’t leave the property he is meant to be guarding.

I would like to also add that this is a skill I have added to my 13 skills in 2013 challenge.  I am a long way from having this skill completed.

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  1. He’s a beautiful dog! We had problems with our young kelpie leaving our property and chasing both cows and cars. I put up a Pet-Safe fence, and it’s been fantastic. She’s so trained to it now, that even if it gets accidentally left off she still doesn’t leave the yard.

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