“Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. But make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.” – Akio Morita

I have been examining my thirteen skills list these past few days and added a few extra skills.  I now have a total of 26 skills on my list.

Animal Husbandry – Completed

Butchering – Completed

Organisation Skills – Completed

Computer Skills – In Progress

Dog Training – In Progress

Get Out of Debt – In Progress

Marksmanship – In Progress

Self Defence – In Progress

Food Storage – In Progress

Building Community – In Progress

Fitness – In Progress

Blade Sharpening – In Progress

Composting – In Progress

Carpentry – In Progress

Sprouting – In Progress

Reloading – In Progress

Fermenting – In Progress

Canning – In Progress

Hunting – In Progress

Wine Making – In Progress

Communication – In Progress

Gardening – In Progress

Grafting – In Progress

Masonry – In Progress

Building a Solar Oven – In Progress

Fishing – In Progress

Some would say that is a lot of skills to complete in one year, and I would agree with that.  I don’t fully intend to complete them all this year, I have just made a list of skills I would like to learn or improve upon and I hope to complete at least 13 of them before years end.  Any more over the thirteen would be a bonus.

I have an update of my Fodder project.  I formed the impression from reading of people growing fodder that the seeds did not require anything apart from some water at the start of the cycle and a warm environment.  I was obviously wrong about this, as I have read on http://www.peakprosperity.com/blog/growing-sprouted-fodder/72618

I was previously soaking the grain, than transferring them to their grow containers.  I have noticed that their growth was pretty slow after their initial sprouting.  I checked the fodder yesterday and noticed that the containers were getting dry so I have them a quick soak.  The grain in the containers had previously sprouted roots and ceased their progress.  After the watering last night I was surprised to see that almost 1 cm of shoot had emerged from almost all the grains.  I was missing this key concept of watering that on hindsight was so obvious.  I will keep you posted on the progress now that I have sorted this out.

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