“Doubt the conventional wisdom unless you can verify it with reason and experiment.” – Steve Albini

I have a bit of a problem.  I have various liquids that I can add to my plants to help them grow, such as:

  • Seasol
  • Compost Tea
  • Worm Tea
  • Water

The problem is, I don’t know which would be best.  I decided that I needed to run a little experiment to decide what would be the best to help my seeds grow into seedlings.  To do this, I took a seed that I know well… the Broad Bean.  This is a plant that I can grow very easily, so  I decided that this would be a good seed to use.  I then set out 6 different seedling punnets.  Into each I placed soil from the same source.  Then, after marking each container, I placed three seeds into the soil. I then positioned them on a shelf in my mini-greenhouse.

Why 6 punnets?  Well, I decided to use six different liquids.

  • Water (rain water)
  • Seasol mixed with tap water
  • Seaweed (a solution that I have been soaking for around three months) mixed with water
  • Compost Tea (some of my compost, mixed with tap water)
  • Worm Tea (Liquid made from Worm castings) mixed in water
  • Liquid run off from making my fodder (basically, whatever comes from the barley).

I will water them every second day, taking a picture each time.  Once they sprout, I will water them more regularly.

Day 1 – Nothing much to see yet.


The Baby Bunnies are growing amazingly fast.  They have already opened their eyes and started to move around their hutch.  As I mentioned before, they have pelts of lovely colours, although I have to say that I really love the honey coloured one in the background of the below picture.  They are also starting to show their personality.  They brown one seems to like it when I scratch it’s back.  The white one is extremely neurotic, leaping around in terror if I touch it.  The honey one is a bit of an explorer, walking around the hutch.

Ginger is eating a lot more than normal.  Luckily I have been growing fodder to supplement the grain and grass that she eats.




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