“Dying is only one thing to be sad over… Living unhappily is something else.” – Morrie Schwartz

I am still attempting to fine tune my get home bag… there are many options available to me for shelter, warmth, and an actual carrying bag, so I will keep considering my options till I have more to tell you all.


One aspect that I have been thinking about is the food.  I know that Backwoods Cuisine (the company that makes the dehydrated meals) also sells a Survival Ration pack.  I thought that might be a great addition to my bag.  To this end I contacted Backwoods Cuisine a week ago to try to get a supply of their Survival Rations, yet they have not replied.  I can only deduce that they either do not check their emails, or they do not provide any customer support.  It is a bit of a shame really, I liked their products.  I will have to look elsewhere for access to a supplier of Survival Ration packs.


He might not look comfortable, yet he wasn’t stressed. I was just holding him at a weird angle.

I have had a couple of inquiries as to people interested in buying some of my Australorp Roosters, yet no one has actually committed to make a purchase.  As I need to reduce the number I have, I am now eating the excess.  I reported a little while ago that I was beginning to feel that I had lost a little of my empathy for these animals when I killed and butchered them.  I suspect that this is something that a career Butcher or abattoir worker may experience.  I had noted some time ago that I felt very little emotion when I killed these animals, which I put down to the fact that I had killed so many that it was beginning to become routine.  This is something that I don’t want to occur.  I want to feel something when I kill an animal as I am ending the life of a creature for my benefit.  I am not saying I want to enjoy the experience… I want to feel a little remorse so that it is not something that I do lightly.  I think that would be respectful to the life I am taking.

So, as I felt I lost that emotional connection, I had taken some time off from the slaughter.  When I killed the Rooster yesterday, I can report that I did feel sad for the animal.  Not sad enough that I wouldn’t eat it, but so that I will have to consider carefully when I choose to do it again.

I told Kitty of my thoughts on this… that I felt a little sad about having to kill this Rooster.  He was a fine looking fellow and very friendly.  Kitty reminded me that this Rooster had a fine life, living in a paddock, eating the best of food and spending time with his family.  He was only having one bad day, which was today.  She was right of course.


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