Easy method to making your own Jerky or Biltong

A couple of weeks (or maybe months) ago I submitted an article to Self Reliance Magazine.  It is on making Biltong/Jerky drier.  I did submit one on making Biltong, yet they had already too many articles on making food for the Summer issue.  Luckily I already had started on that article as a possible followup.  As the article on making was not required for the magazine submission I decided that I might use it as an Instrucable.


With the assistance of Kitty I also put together a little Youtube video on how I make my Biltong.

So if you are interested in following my method on making Biltong, please check the video or the Instructable which goes through the steps.

My meat tastes great, so I would recommend trying the recipe as I am sure you would really enjoy it.


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