Eating Snow

Our rabbit snow hasn’t been going all that well.  He was part of a litter of bunnies which I tried to sell, yet no one was interested in an albino rabbit.  So he was destined for the dinner table.  Yet, when it came time for me to dispatch him, I didn’t feel like going through with it… this cycle of intending to kill him, yet not doing it, lasted for several months.  Then I found out that my children had named him Snow… so I didn’t fell like I could go through with eating him.

It was time to say goodbye to Snow. This was taken just as I was about to remove him from his hutch. You can see the discolouration on his back.

He wasn’t a pet, he was just an animal that we kept.  I offered him to several people, yet no one ever accepted him.  We kept him for well over a year… maybe close to two years

While I have been feeding him the other day I noticed a discolouration on his back… a pinkish colour which wasn’t home on his white fur.  On examination I was saddened to see that he was suffering from Mange… possibly the same mange that had killed one of our Guinea Pig and infected the other.  I knew I could possibly find a treatment for this, yet it would cost money.  I did some mental calculations, and some looking at how I felt about this, and I decided that it wasn’t a good choice to cure him… that it would be better if I put him down and ate him.

Can you eat an animal with mange?  Mange is apparently transferable to humans, yet the meat from an animal infected with Mange is not dangerous in itself.  I need to be sure to check for any other issues, as the Mange may cause secondary infections.

You can see my great scope .22 rifle. Oh, and my Pokemon Go hat.

I believe that as long as I don’t expose myself to the actual infected area on the skin, I wouldn’t be in danger.  That said, while I was pretty sure I would be safe, I still decided that I would be the only one to eat the rabbit… to ensure my kids were not at risk.

Now, please remember that Snow is not a pet.  Snow is a rabbit who I always intended to eat (after I couldn’t sell him) and I just never had the heart to do the deed.  Snow had a lot longer life, and in that way, he was pretty well off.  Apart from the mange he was always healthy and happy.  So, while I wasn’t enthusiastic about it, I felt that it was time to eat Snow

I decided that I would take him to a remote location and shoot him.  I chose this option as I felt it would be quick and he wouldn’t suffer.  My son and I took him to the forest near my home, which was where he was put down.

After he was dead I brought him home to skin him, clean him, and prepare the carcass for cooking.  I won’t go into the details of this process… it was fairly routine.  When I cooked the rabbit, I cooked him in a Butter chicken sauce… so I guess it was Butter Rabbit.  It tasted amazing and lasted several meals.

It worked out to be over 600grams of rabbit meat. Not too bad.

We now have three rabbits, one male (Snow’s father), and two females (one of whom is pregnant).  I intend to destroy the hutches which I own (which are currently empty) as I suspect they may have mange infections.  I will then build some new hutches for the rabbits.

So far, no issues from eating the rabbit which had mange… although I do have a compulsion to eat lots of carrots….

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