Even though I didn’t score a Wallaby, I still managed to get my hands on a couple.

A couple of days after the unsuccessful hunt (only unsuccessful by the standard that I didn’t get any Wallabies… it was a good night none the less) my friend called me to let me know that he had gone out hunting himself and he had managed to shoot four wallabies.  He asked if I wanted any of them… well, of course I did.  I went over to visit him after work that day and he told me I could take all of them if I liked as he had no room in his freezer.

I spent an hour cutting up the meat, resulting in around 4 kilos of meat (which I packed in 1 kilo lots), and 4 pairs of legs.  I stored all the excess meat in the freezer, so I scored enough wallaby for around eight meals!


The first meal I wanted to cook was a Vindaloo.  Why did I choose this?  Well, a friend who eats a lot of wallaby told me that this is his preferred method of cooking, as it removes the “gamey” flavour.  I also used to love a good Vindaloo when I was a young man, trying out all manner of different meats in my search for the best curry.  With the base decided, I cooked up the wallaby after slicing the back straps into cubes.  I wanted to add some vegetables, so I raided my garden and included carrots and potatoes which I had grown.

Not knowing if the wallaby meat would be tough, I opted to cook it in the slow cooker… it would take a lot longer, yet it would ensure the meat was not chewy.  I started cooking around 1pm, and every half an hour I would stir the meat until 3pm, when I added the vegetables.  Around 5pm I realised the meal was going to be much too spicy for my family, who are used to much milder curries.  In an attempt to take the edge off, I added a few scoops of sour cream.  This succeeded in lowering the temperature and also added some lovely flavour to the meal.

I cooked up some jasmine rice for a bed for the Vindaloo, and served it with Poppadums and some Naan bread.  Despite my efforts to take the edge off the curry, it was a lot hotter than I remembered.  I suspect my taste buds have grown milder over the many years.  My family tried to struggle through the meal, yet they couldn’t handle the spice.  I ended up eating nearly all myself, as no one wanted second helpings.  While it was very hot to taste, I still really enjoyed the meal and I could taste that the wallaby meat was similar to other meats I have eaten.  There will be more meals with this delicious meat.

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