“Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar

Back into my fitness training this week.  On Wednesday I continued with the Tap Out training Calender with Plyo.  Possibly one of my least favorite.  I like the striking combinations, don’t like all that leg work.  Unfortunately, the day before getting back into my training I took a bad spill down the stairs at my work and hurt my shin splint again.  I have had to modify my work out a little to put less jumping strain on the injury.  I borrowed a book from the library called the CSIRO diet.  A friend of mine has been doing it and she has lost 3 kilos in three weeks… her husband has lost 7 kilos in three weeks.  Those kind of results have my attention.

csiro total wellbeing diet


Kitty and I are still working on selling our home.  We have had a little interest from prospective buyers, yet nothing significant.  Kitty and I have been looking at many properties, trying to ensure we know what is out there, how we stack up against the other houses, and to also know what is on offer for when we go to buy.


My pumpkins are growing in my garden, yet I can’t say I am impressed with their size.  They are barely larger than my closed fist.  I can still use them in a meal… possibly some sort of stuffed pumpkin dish (which the kids won’t eat… so I only need enough for Kitty and myself).  Anyway, apart from these tiny pumpkins and my potatoes, my garden is pretty much done.  I will consider paying a cover crop on the beds, but that might be it.  I will be setting up my mini-greenhouses again soon, to begin growing fodder for the rabbits and chicks.  I have written an Instructable on the process, yet I feel that I can improve on the who set up.  Last time I was using plastic buckets, which required attention every two days.  I am playing with the idea of following Quartz Ridge’s Fodder system, using guttering to grow the fodder.  I have checked a nearby hardware store and it would cost around $70 to buy all the materials I need to do this.  I will have to keep thinking about this and come up with a cheaper solution.


My old fodder growing system.

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