“Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor.” – Truman Capote

On the weekend I made my own yogurt.  Kitty bought me an EasiYo Yogurt maker, which was something I had mentioned I was interested in trying.  While the packets that accompany the product seemed like they would make OK yogurt, I was more interested in using the thermos properties of the product to make yogurt from scratch.  Before I am ready to do this, I wanted to try out the product, using some of the flavoured yogurt bases, so that I would become familiar with its use.

After around 9 tests, I am pretty happy with the outcome.  The yogurt I have been producing tastes great… even better than store bought yogurts.  I have had 2 of the tests fail, yet I know why that occurred (it was my mistake both times), so I have gained experience even from these errors.  On the last weekend I made a batch of Mango flavoured yogurt, adding pieces of fresh mango to the finished product.  This tasted great and I will try out some other yogurt/fruit combos in the future.

The flavoured yogurt base appears to contain powered milk, so it is something I can keep on hand (in the pantry) for an extended time.  It might be something that some of you may be interested in acquiring for your preparedness.  I will run some trials soon, using some Milk and a small amount of store bought yogurt.  I expect it should be easy to make yogurt using the EasiYo thermos as a container.



The end of summer is within sight… the sun is rising later in the morning, and setting a little earlier.  When I get up to go to work each morning, in air is cooler and there is a hint of the coming Autumn.  The days are still warm, with my garden impressing me with the small, yet hard earned bounty.  I have discovered that my zucchini plants which I planted in the ground have been growing very well, providing us with all the Zucchini we need (we haven’t bought any for a while).  The Zucchini I planted in the raised beds have not been as successful.


I have decided to try to do some updating/renovating of this blog.  I am going to try to transfer it to a different hosting site, and I hope everything goes as intended.  If my site disappears for a day or two, please be sure to come back… I am sure it will be only temporary.  I hope to add some great new features in the future.

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