“Fear makes us feel our humanity.” – Benjamin Disraeli

I have spent the last week or so watching the news reports of the fires which have been destroying homes in NSW.  This situation brings to mind the events which my family and I encountered in March of this year, where our home was threatened.  I remember the fear which we felt as the fire drew closer to our house, yet as we were fortunate and did not lose any property I can not know what these people in NSW have felt.  One article I read on The Guardian that there has been a 400km long fire front, threatening communities in NSW.  The Herald has some exceptional images which show some of the horror that someone can experience in the face of a bushfire.  I recall very vividly the fear which gripped me as I came home after work on the first day of the fire which threatened my home in March.  The road to my home was closed by the police, who advised me that I could not go to my home.  I pleaded that I needed to get home to evacuate my family, to which he replied that I would have to wait.  Fortunately I knew alternate route to my home, routes which I doubted the police would have closed.  I raced home via these back roads, all the while terrified that my family was already in danger.  Throughout the whole weekend fear was always close at hand.  Living in these sort of conditions is very draining.

Top of the world!

As the signs are pointing at the fire season getting an early start this year (considering that we are not even in Summer), I spent an hour or so checking our roof gutters, clearing debris.  It is only a small job, yet it could prevent any sparks from catching hold in the event of a bush fire.

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