“Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed not by strength, but perseverance.” – Samuel Johnson

I am now coming close to the end of my compost project.  I hope that it should be complete within a week.  The quality of the soil is beyond my expectations and most of the material is being broken down.  I have taken a photo of a block of wood that had found itself in the pile.  It broke apart very easily in my hand, which shows that the fungus is working well.

You can see the high quality soil in the background.

As usual I pulled the compost pile apart layer by layer and set up a new pile next to the old one.  I usually use a garden fork to move the contents and it is usually sufficient.  This time I was able to use the fork for the larger particles, particularly the sticks which are still breaking down.  The majority of the work was completed by using a shovel.  This shows that the material has broken down so much it is the consistency of dirt.

You can see the excellent quality of the soil in this image.

I must admit I am a little concerned that the sticks may not break down in time, yet it won’t be the end of the world.  If the branches are still too far from breaking down by the end of the four weeks I will just place them in the next compost pile I construct. I believe that I am on track to complete the skill of compost making for my 13 in 13 skill challenge.

Another skill I have my list to be completed and I expect it to be done this weekend.  I have 7 rabbits left for the table before winter.  On the weekend I convinced my children to collect acorns from a park in the city in exchange for an ice-cream each.  They provided me with around 9 kilos of acorns, which I have been feeding to my rabbits.  I have given my breeding stock some acorns, which they love.  Apparently it is like chocolate for them.  I have been feeding my 7 that are to be butchered this weekend exclusively on acorns.  I am curious as to whether they make the meat taste as good as I have been led to believe.
Once I have processed the 7 rabbits in 90 minutes I will consider that my butchering skill has been completed.

Not much else to report on at the moment.  I am planning on posting an essay on prepping that I have written soon, as well as going over some of my bigger plans for my property.

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