“Freedom is a man’s natural power of doing what he pleases, so far as he is not prevented by force or law.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

It has been an eventful week, with my taking a month off from work to get some important work completed on the property.  I had big plans to work on various projects, now that I was free from the commitment of work.  Monday morning, as I should have expected,  I was hit full on by a virus… the one which my children have been suffering from for a while.  I guess that as I am on leave, my body relaxes enough to allow the virus to take hold.   Anyway, I spent the first three days of the week in bed trying to recover.

My dog, Morleigh, and me. Enjoying a little sunshine.

This could have been a good thing in disguise though, as it allowed me focus on repeatedly calling and writing to our bank.  I believe that I have mentioned this before, that we did not end up with the full amount which we should have received from the sale of our house due to a stuff up at the bank.  We have been contacting them regularly, with Kitty playing bad cop and me playing good cop.  Kitty threatens various things, I plead with them to fix up the issue.  Well, I am happy to say that yesterday we received the outstanding amount from the sale of our house.  We went a little crazy, buying a bunch of trees and plants to go at the house, as well as paying of some debts that had been accumulating.  This means that I have finished another 13 skill, in Money Management… the move to sell our old house and purchase a less expensive house in order to sort out our finances.


You can see the white pipe on which I tried to repair, and the ceramic pipe to the right of that one.


Another issue which I had to deal with this week was our plumbing.  While I was recovering inside from the flu, Kitty went out to work on the garden.  She was removing some small weeds with a hand mattock and hit a water pipe which was only a few inches below the surface.  This prompted a frantic search by me for the water mains, to turn it off before it wasted too much water.  I found that the water pipe was a thin, white PVC pipe that is usually used for electrical cables.  I dug out the area to workout the problem, uncovering a much older ceramic pipe in the process.  This too was cracked open (possibly by me when I was digging), and I found that the pipe was empty of anything, thank goodness.


I found that the damage to the pipe was very slight, only a minor crack was causing the water to leak.  I first tried out some Leak Sealer spray and Duct tape, to fix this, yet water continued to leak from the pipe.  I realised that a complete fix was in order, so we had to drag ourselves to the hardware store, buy some replacement pipe and connectors, then fix the water.  Three hours later we tried out the water and the pipe held.  We are not used to dealing with water pipes, as at our old house we had not external pipes.  We could pretty much dig where ever we wanted.  This is something we will need to quickly adjust.


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