“From what we get, we can make a living; what we give, however, makes a life.” – Arthur Ashe

I have managed to fix my computer a little, allowing me to get it to start.  For anyone who is interested, I installed some new memory which has improved the performance and allowed it to start.  Next, I will install a new hard drive (once it is delivered).

We welcomed a new addition to the Little Tassie Prepper homestead the other day, with the arrival of Roger, our British Giant rabbit buck.  He is only 12 weeks old, so he is still a little too young to breed (Ginger, our female British Giant would also probably tear him to pieces if I put them together… so I won’t risk that).  I picked him up from a very nice lady called Joan, who was an ex-veterinarian.  She had a huge set up where she was breeding British Giants, Mini Lops, and a couple of others that I can’t recall.  She even had a Blue British Giant, and once she has a young female she told me that I will be told. He is still a little skittish, as he doesn’t really know us yet… but I suspect that he is warming to us as he is quite calm when I hold him.


I have also sold all my excess hens, reducing the number of my flock down to two.  I delivered them to a couple of places in the city and met some interesting people while doing it.  The first lady (she bought one chook) was so excited when I arrived with the hen, she invited me inside her house.  She then took the chicken out of the box, while we were inside, and proceeded to cuddle and kiss the animal.  I thought it was a little weird, but whatever… it was now her chicken.  She then showed me her other hens that were outside the window, and she appeared to have a very diverse range of chooks. Second person I delivered to lived in a lovely home in the richer part of Hobart.  The lady who bought them and her young daughter were very happy to meet their new chickens.  I spent around 20 minutes there, while she told me all about her previous chickens escaping from her yard. The last person was someone who had recently lost a large number of chickens.  Apparently a dog had gotten through their flimsy fence and killed all the chickens.  The owners were heartbroken, as they had raised their chooks to come when called.  They told me all about their last chickens, and showed me how they had improved their fence to prevent it from happening again.

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