Grape vines can produce more than grapes

Last year my grape vines, which grow along the front of my house, produced a small amount of grapes.  While the vines are still growing, I needed to spread out their growth to increase their sun exposure and to allow for more fruit to be produced.  To make more space for this growth I stretched some thin wire between two pillars on my veranda.  This wire was left over from another project that I had completed some time ago, so I had plenty to spare.  Once the wire was strung, I carefully weaved the extended tendrils of the vine amongst the supporting wire.


We have decided to plant the vine at the front of the house for two reasons.  One… we love to eat grapes, and having them close to where we walk past several times a day means we can give the vines our best attention and also gather grapes regularly (this is zone 1 for permaculture).  The second reason is because in summer, the vines will have their large leaves turned to the sun to soak up all the lovely sunlight.  When they do this, it will keep more light off that side of the house and help to keep our home cooler in those hot summer afternoons.

I also removed some of the more densely packed clusters of grapes… I want to ensure that the tree (or is it a shrub?  I don’t know) produces higher quality fruit over large amounts of bad grapes.  While I am new to growing grapes, I have read many books which cover the topic of grape growing.  The pruning and removal of the clusters can help to improve quality.  I will be sure to update you all if this turns out to be fraudulent advice.

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