“Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” – James Cash Penney

I had noticed that the 100 or so tomato seeds I planted were not germinating in the greenhouse, in contrast to the other seeds that had shown great progress.  These seeds were from Southern Harvest, a company which I have had many problems with in the past.  Nearly every time I have had seeds fail, they were from Southern Harvest.  While I am sure that some of the time, the seeds were at fault, I thought I would give them another try so that I could be sure.

The seed packet.

This failure was confusing me for a little while… was it the company again, or me.  Tomatoes are usually very easy to sprout (in my opinion), so when I noticed that this was happening (or not happening) I put on my deer stalker hat and started to investigate.

I examined the difference between the two area of the greenhouse, one section housed the pots with seeds that had shown great progress, the other section (with the tomatoes) showed no growth at all.  I noticed that the tomato punnets were in a direct line with my sprinkler system and the soil was incredibly moist… it was almost like mud!  This might be the problem… tomatoes do not like that much water (I doubt that any plant I would grow would like that much water).

The Tomato seeds were planted in the green tray. The punnet next to the tomato one holds Corn seeds. They are growing excellently.

I will keep my eyes on these, to see if there is any improvement or growth.  I have placed some more seeds (not from Southern Harvest, these were harvested from a tomato that I bought from the supermarket) in punnets and I will see if there is any growth.

I moved the punnets out from the greenhouse and placed them in my mini-greenhouse.  There they could dry out a little and hopefully start to grow.  So far, none of the tomatoes are growing… the corn has germinated and sprouted, but no tomatoes.  I still have 50 or so Southern Harvest seeds left.  I will

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