“Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

I have completed an Instructable on my system of growing fodder and uploaded it to the Instructables website.  I apologise for taking so long to get this up… I was still working the kinks out of the system and trying a few different methods before I was satisfied sufficiently to write it up.  Currently I am able to provide sufficient fodder to feed my 3 mothers, 1 father and 6 almost fully grown babies, every day.  Any extra I have after feeding them usually goes to my chicks (who are almost fully grown), yet this is not very often.

Anyway, I am now happy enough to share my experience on the fodder system.  Please check out my Instructable if you are interesting in learning more.  In addition, now that I have created a system of growing fodder on a continuous basis I am satisfied that I have completed another of my 13 Skills.  With the uploading of the Instructable I have also updated my 13 Skill of Sprouting as complete.  This means that I have now completed 4 out of my target 13 skills.  My next two skills in my sights are:

  • Building a Solar Oven;
  • Blade Sharpening;
  • Carpentry; and,
  • Marksmanship.

Discussing my rabbits reminds me that it is past time for the 6 baby rabbits to graduate to the next stage.  I am considering advertising a couple of them for sale as they have very beautiful pelts.  Any of you interesting in buying one of these?

Would you like one of these as a pet?

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