“He was a wise man who invented beer.” – Plato

After a couple of weeks of fermenting in the keg, quietly bubbling away in the dark, my beer is ready for bottling.  I am pretty pleased with the outcome, yet there is still room for improvement.  The beer is a Reddish Brown colour.  It smells sweet, yet there is the definite beer aroma.  The has a very interesting taste, with three distinct layers.  I have bottled it and it will sit on a shelf for a couple of weeks, aging and carbonating, until I am ready to give it a proper taste.  After some consideration, I have decided to call this batch Auburn Ale.  I don’t really drink very much alcohol, yet I thought I would make this batch so that I can entertain guests.   For those of you unfamiliar with home brew, I will break it down for you.

DSCN3981 - Copy

You can make Home Brew as easy or as complicated as you prefer.   I follow the simple method, which is purchasing cans of concentrated Malt, pre-measured Dextrose (Sugar), and adding to a specially keg that I own, with measurements on the side made for brewing beer.  The instructions are very simple and it is difficult to mess it up if you follow them.  I know people who make their brewing more complicated, by sourcing malt from the growers, boiling this till they get the right consistency, and adding all the ingredients themselves.  I would like to try this method one day… maybe when I have mastered the simple method.   With the canned concentrate method, there are many ways to add subtle flavour to the final product.  I often play with adding Golden Syrup, Locally produced Honey, and one batch I made I added Beetroot Juice!  This batch I added some concentrated Caramel Malt, which has made the beer a brown/red colour, and has given it some very interesting flavour.


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