“His answer trickled through my head like water through a sieve.” – Lewis Carroll

My mushroom growing has been making some great progress.  While I have still to harvest any from the wild mushrooms I cultivated, I am very happy with the mycelium growth in the straw.  It should only be a matter of time before I harvest the first of many delicious mushrooms.  I plan to take as much of the root stock that I can spare and produce more of the grow medium to really ramp up my production, once I confirm that this is a viable way to grow them.

The mushroom growing medium (straw) is almost totally covered in mushroom roots.


Speaking of mushrooms, I have found a few death cap mushrooms growing on my property.  I have also found many Fly Amanita mushrooms growing, which I have explained to my children the dangers of playing with the mushrooms, as well as eating them.  Yet, I apparently might be wrong about the Fly Amanita.  I have read conflicting reports of them, some declaring them to be edible to others stating that they are poisonous.

It looks a little weird, yet it maybe an edible variety.



I mentioned in my last post that I had completed my new Chicken Tractor (apart from the lid), and in doing so improved my morale.  I thought I would go into a little more detail now about this feat.  As you can see, it’s design has improved upon the previous model.  It is stronger than my last build, only slightly heavier, yet the lid is more usable.  I will be adding some wheels to it once I find some (cheap wheels, hopefully from the tip shop).


It is higher than the original, as my kids love to sit with the chickens and pat them.  I thought that this could make them more docile (the chickens, not my children) and used to being handled.  I also like to spend time with the chickens.  Have any of you spent time, just sitting with your chooks?  It is very relaxing and enjoyable to watch them go about their business, scratching the ground, eating, making little chicken noises.  If you don’t spend time with your birds, you are really missing out as it is also educational.  You get to learn that these animals exhibit different personalities.  I recall when I lived in Collinsvale, I would often sit down and watch the chickens eat when I delivered a load of kitchen scraps for their meal.  One of the chickens would come up to me, jump on to my lap, and go to sleep sitting on me.  It was very unusual, yet I enjoyed her company.

I have yet to learn all the different personalities of my current birds, yet I know a few.  Most of them are very friendly and docile.  One of them is not very nice at all.  He (I believe it is a he) doesn’t like to be picked up or carried.  The other birds will put up with being carried, or even seem to enjoy it.  This fellow is very hostile and will fight if he is picked up.



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