“How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon.” – Dr. Seuss

After many months of procrastinating, I have renewed my work on building the fence on my property border.  The main reason for starting now is that I want to get my chickens into their chicken house, and I need to fence off the area to protect them from any predators.  I was going to work with my neighbor on building this, but I want to get the chickens a little more space that the room I have them in currently.

My Eldest son and I working on the rails. Morleigh is behind me, next to the chicken house.

I spent a few hours on Friday sourcing the missing pieces of wood that I required to work on the fence.  I walked down to the local Hardware store and arranged the delivery of a few 6 meter long rails, and Kitty and I went for a drive to another hardware store in Huonville to buy the pickets we would be using (we needed to do a little grocery shopping too).

Saturday morning, early rise, and out to work.  I had Kitty and my eldest son to help me, which made the work a lot easier and enjoyable.  We had time to talk and work, and even had a laugh or two.  My dog Morleigh was there too to lend her support.

My girl is getting old… but she is always there to give me company.


I only managed to complete around 6 meters of the fence, as I only had enough money to buy a small amount of materials.  I hope to buy enough to finish another 6 meters next weekend, so… within a couple of months, this project should be finished.

This nail gun makes the work a lot easier.

Afterwards, I enjoyed a couple of my newly brewed Auburn Ales… and they went down a treat!  I thought that they were good, yet when I shared some with some close friends they told me that the beer was so good, they would buy it if it were ever sold.  One of my friends who is a wine drinker tried some, and he told me that it was so good he would drink it instead of wine.  High praise indeed!


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