“How happy are those whose walls already rise” – Virgil

I had planned to rent a wood chipper and shred the wood cuttings that I made soon after moving into the house last year.  It actually proved to be a little more expensive than I liked to rent one, I have been cutting up the dried out branches and I have used them as kindling in the fire place.  They have turned out to be a great little fire starter.


I have been working hard on making progress on our border fence.  I have run into a few problems with supplies (money hasn’t been the cause this time, the hardware store has been out of the rails I need), yet for the most, I have been steadily moving towards completion.  Still. I have had to stop many times while working on the fence, I just can’t get enough of stepping back and looking at it… it is so satisfying.  I can really see the progress I am making.  My neighbor came down this weekend too to help out with installing the last seven posts.  He had a special “Post Hole Digger”, which he bought for $25, that made the job so much easier and more efficient in terms of a narrowed hole (less cement was required).  We managed to install the last posts in 4 hours of work (including cutting back branches of trees that were in the way and undergrowth).


Next step is to buy more rails and pickets to complete the fence.

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