How many years do you fail at a task before you give up?

You wouldn’t believe it… after several years of failure, over thirty years of not catching a fish, I caught two in one day!    Please allow me to tell you the story.

My daughter, Cookie, and I set out early in the morning.  It was starting to turn from high tide, so while the water was high, the direction the water was moving was (in my opinion) less then preferable.  As we walked towards the jetty I saw a small family of tourists setting up on the side.  I greated them as I walked to my favored fishing position, and my daughter and I set up.  I only carried one fishing rod with me, as my daughter was coming to read and keep me company.

I had a little trouble setting up my bait and casting, yet when I put the hook out there I was happy with my positioning.  I cast out a few times, loosing a couple of baits, yet each time I was greeted with several nibbles on the hook… yet each time it came up empty.  On my sixth cast I felt a sizable nibble on the line and I jerked back the rod.  This time I had something!

I started furiously winding my jig, bringing the hook back to the jetty.  I didn’t know what I had, yet it was trying to fight.  I franticly asked my daughter to take my phone and start recording.  After seconds of winding I finally saw the flash of the silver that was the fish.  I brought him up the 2 meters to the jetty and I finally caught my first fish in decades.

I lost the sinker during the titanic battle to bring this fish to the surface, yet it was worth it.  This was a Silver Trevally, a nice little fish that is great fried and apparently nice as Sushimi.  If you watch the Youtube video I am sure you can hear the excitment in my voice.  One thing… once he was in my hand I realised that I had not prepared for catching a fish.  So many years of failure had ingrained in me that I never needed to actually prepare for catching a fish.  So I needed to scoop up some sea water and set the fish in that till it was time to go home.


Not wanting to rest on that single success, I continued casting.  Within 10 minutes I once more felt a little nibble on the line that stayed hooked when I jerked back my rod.  I was feeling elated when I brought another fish up to the jetty… a little Tiger Flathead.  I had to let that one go as it was undersize, yet I was very happy with just catching a second fish.

Once I brought the Silver Trevally home I needed to kill, gut and fillet him.  Once again, I had failed to prepare for this situation.  I had caught fish in the past, yet as I was a child at the time my father did all the work.  Since then I had watched some videos on how to deal with a fish, yet I have had no real experience.  Despite this, I had to give it a go.

Kitty filmed the process of my attempt to kill the fish.  To be honest, I am not that happy about it.  The videos I watched told me that a sharp impliment to the brain would kill the fish.  I am not so sure it worked, so I cut it’s throat.  If you watch the vide there is a small part where I am not so sure that I killed it properly.  I will have to watch more and learn how to do this.


On killing the fish I discovered the secret that was deep inside the fish… it had a parasite.  To be precise, it had a tongue eating parasite (Cymothoa exigua).  I know what it is now, yet at the time of butchering the fish I had never seen one before.

In the end we ended up with four small fillets from the fish, which I fried after lightly coating them with olive oil and a tiny pinch of salt.  I served them on a plate with a lemon from our lemon tree.  This had to be the best fish I ever tasted and everyone in my family enjoyed a taste.

After so many years of failure I finally achieved success.  I admit that I doubted I would ever land a fish, I even talked about it in the video, yet I proved that I can do it.  I know it is a small win, yet it is proof that you can do anything you want it you work at it.  If I can achieve my dream of landing a fish, you too can get what you are after.

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