How to relax during a power outage

Last night we experienced another blackout, this time it effected all of the Huon valley in southern Tasmania.  Despite the inconvenience of it, it wasn’t that bad.  It started around 6pm, with my eldest son and I having to come into the house from outside.  By the time we had made it back into the house, Kitty had already handed out torches to the other children and set up lanterns and candles in strategic locations.  I think that she was also assisted by the “dusk till dawn nightlights” which activate when there is a power outage.

During the period out outage (five hours), the lights periodically came back on for a few minutes before failing again.


An image of the blackout… only joking, it was just a blank image I found.

We managed to spend the next couple of hours in the lounge room, by the heat of the roaring fireplace.  By the light of the fire and the candles we talked for hours, telling the children funny stories about how Kitty and I met, and what we were like when we were younger.  My older son refused to believe that he is the splitting image of me when I was a boy, and his behaviour reminds me of how I once acted.

I think it was a great way to spend the night, relaxing with my family in a warm house, chatting the night away.



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