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We have our first Strawberry!  At least, I am pretty sure it is our first… I can’t remember another one at this property.  After many being lost to whatever wild animal is eating them, I secured the area and managed to keep one safe till it had ripened.  I, of course, gave it to Kitty to eat.

Please enjoy this picture of our first Strawberry.


I am a bit behind with listening to episodes of the Survival Podcast, only having listened to episode 1426 today (It was recorded on 15 September 2014… so I am pretty far behind).  I have been considering Jack’s Monday Prepper Scenario, which was:

There is a knock on your door, it is a sheriff deputy or local police officer.  He tells you there is a chemical spill just up the road and mandatory evacuation has been ordered.  It is about 8pm, your spouse is in the shower, your kids are in PJs in front of the TV.  The threat is real and you understand and will comply with the order to evacuate. 

The officer doesn’t know how long it will last, he says likely at least a week and you need to move NOW, ten minutes to get out tops, what do you do?  The evacuation area is relatively small, about a mile in diameter.

Kitty and I discussed this and as we have previously prepared for Bush fires, we already have a bag of clothes packed for each member of the family, stored in an easy to access location in the house.  We also have several small storage boxes with medical supplies, toiletries, food and camping supplies.  With the above scenario, we decided that we could easily pack the children, the important documents, and the dog/cat into the cars.  This would probably be the easiest part of the whole exercise.

While Kitty is loading the children into the car, I would have to take car of our Ginger, our Rabbit.  We wouldn’t take her with us, so I proposed that I give her sufficient food for a week, aim the hose to drip water into her hutch, and hope for the best.  Hopefully the chemicals wouldn’t effect her.

Finally, the main problem we would face would be where to go.  We live in a location that is pretty isolated, there is one main road in and out.  If the hypothetical chemical spill was on that road, we would be unable to use it!  Discussing this scenario provided us with a great reason to look over the local maps and find an alternative route that may be used (although it is not a main road).  At least we would have a way out.

Considering this situation gave us a great chance to discuss our thoughts and come up with excellent proposals.  Even our children were involved, telling us that they would have to make sure they packed their Nintendo 3DS, games and chargers.


Ziggy sleeping on a straw bale.


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