“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

Today, on the drive home from work, a truck crashed and blocked the road for several hours… stranding me on a country highway.  I arrived an hour before the clean up was completed which meant I had an hour to chill out in my car.  I could see a few police cars, yet no actual police, so I had no way of knowing what was going on.  I did consider getting out and looking for answered, yet i I used my mobile phone to call Kitty, who filled me in on the situation. Facebook does have it’s uses.

I spent most of the time finishing off a book I was reading, listening to a podcast, and watching the action.  I was pretty far away, yet I had packed a set of small binoculars in my bag some time ago.

Not the greatest pair in the world, yet they are small, cheap, and they allowed me to view some of the action while they were removing the crashed truck from the road from the dry front seat of my car.  I was pretty comfortable while I waited.

Kitty told me when I arrived home that she had gone out and encountered the same blocked road, yet instead of waiting (she didn’t really have that option, as she needed to get the kids from School) she decided to follow a truck who (she hoped) was driving an alternate route.  Around 45 minutes in she told me she began to panic, it should have taken 15 minutes to get home on the highway.  She realised she didn’t know where the truck was really heading, she had hoped it would be our home town.

Around 15 minutes later she emerged from the forest in a location that was familiar to her and she managed to drive home, yet the experience left her quite shaken.  I think it might be smart for the two of us to practice driving some of these alternate routes for any future event that might occur.


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