“I do not literally paint that table, but the emotion it produces upon me.” – Henri Matisse

Several of my readers have been asking me to write more about my work on the renovations to the Studio, so I will share some more info.

The old table which I was working to making into the kitchen bench

I have taken some time off work so that I can focus more on the renovations.  This week we had plans to finish everything that is required, yet I spent the first couple of days sick, then Kitty has fallen ill now. This might reduce the amount that we can complete.

I have added the bottom shelf and testing out the bench top

I have puttied all the holes in the walls, and tomorrow (if they putty is dry) I will sand them all back.  Kitty still needs to buy the paint we need to complete the room, yet that should be in the next day or two.

I have oiled the wooden bench top that we are using for the kitchen bench, cut out the sink section and installed the sink.  While this sounds easy, it wasn’t.  It was really the first time I have used a jigsaw, so I was pretty nervous.  I have a Riobi jigsaw and it seems to be a very flimsy tool, yet it did the job well (all be it, after several changes and charges of the batteries).  Installing the sink seemed like a very simple step… yet the sink clamps that I had didn’t look anything like the ones I expected, and several Youtube searches showed me that none of the DIY channels used the ones I had.  It took me several hours of playing around with the clamps before I finally worked out how they connected and worked.

The bench top is installed, as is the sink. Still have to attach the plumbing.

Most of this week has been very hard work, followed by more hard work… yet the end is in sight.  The Studio is starting to look much more like a real living space.

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