“I don’t know anything about music. In my line you don’t have to.” – Elvis Presley

I feel that I have completed my 13 skills in Music.  I am pretty confident with playing five different songs on my electric guitar, and I can play them with very little errors (although still not 100%).  For those of you interested, I have learnt how to play:

The Pixies            –              Where is my Mind?

David Bowie       –              Rebel Rebel

The Horrors        –              Do you remember?

The Cure              –              Boys don’t cry

The XX                  –              Islands

Here is a photo of my score of Do you Remember… just to show you how well I am going.  My score is off the chart, so that is pretty good.  I can also play these songs, fairly well, with just the amp.


I have made some great progress on a bunch of others, yet these are the ones that I have excelled.  Now, I have completed 3 skills out of 13… more than half way through the year… I have a lot of work to do to reach my goal.  I have plans to work on the skills of Gardening, Fruit Orchard, Grafting, and Fitness (still trying to get this one complete).  I will also, hopefully, complete my skill in Money Management… once my Bank finally stops dragging their feet on giving me my money from the sale of our old house.


I have also noticed that many of the seeds which I sowed in the garden (with the trees) have started to show results.  Not all of them, but some, have started to shoot out of the ground.  It is always so exciting to see the seeds which you planted, grow… especially seeds planted outside at this time of year.  I will have to get some other, more delicate, seeds into some soil into my mini greenhouses soon.  I want to give them a head start so when they are in the ground they grow quickly.


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