“I have to believe that somebody up there thinks I’ve still got some work to do.” – George Michael


Over the Christmas break, Marilyn (our Blue Rabbit) gave birth to 10 babies.  I had, once more, lost track of time.  I lay the blame for this on Christmas.  I became aware of this when my eldest son proclaimed loudly one morning that there was a baby rabbit head laying in Marilyn’s hutch.  I rushed out and he wasn’t wrong.  A baby blue bunny head was left on the ground.  I quickly realised what had occurred.  Marilyn had given birth and I would guess that the baby was still-born.  It is natural in the wild for the rabbit of a dead baby to eat it… it both prevents predators from finding the nest and returns some nutrients to the mother.

I quickly ensured that she had fresh straw, food and water.  Approximately 10 minutes later I came to check on her and she had given birth to nine more, live, little bunnies.  They were a mixture of White, Blue and Black bunnies.  Over the course of the next couple of hours I tried to keep an eye on them.  I noticed that all of the white and black bunnies were kept in the nest, the four blue ones were left on their own.  Then late in the day, I found all four blue bunnies dead.  So now she was down to five.

There was nothing I could do to correct this.  I had to let Marilyn look after the babies herself.  I know that hand feeding bunnies rarely works out, and I couldn’t look after that many.  I also didn’t think that they would die so quickly.

Since then they have been growing well and I my son (who looks after their food and water, also taking care of selling them) may be placing them for sale soon.

I need to get my own diary so I can make better notes on when to expect the arrival of new members of the Bunny family.

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