“I long for the countryside. That’s where I get my calm and tranquillity.” – Emilia Clarke

I lost two of my chickens this week.  One of them was a chick that I had raised from the day it hatched from the egg.  The other was an older one that I bought fully grown last year.  I lost the older one on Sunday night or Monday morning.  On recollection I remember that it had been sitting in it’s hutch every time I looked at in on the hens.  I thought it was just having a nice rest.  Now I realise that it was possibly unable to move.  I examined it and it shows signs of Marek’s Disease.  It’s eyes were grey and it was very skinny despite food being available.  I have lost chickens to Mareks in previous years, yet I had hoped that it was all behind me.

On Tuesday, while I was feeding the chicks in their cage I noticed one would not go to the food as the others were.  I examined it and noticed it had a lot of trouble walking due to it’s legs not working properly and one of it’s wings was sticking out at an angle.  This is a very obvious sign of Marek’s Disease.  I am not sure how it could have caught the disease, as they are not near the other chickens.  I removed the sick chicken from the cage and placed it in an area by itself, with good shelter, food and water.  Unfortunately the chook did not last the night and I found It dead the next morning.

A wonderful picture of a Wallaby – curtsey of:

On Tuesday morning I was about to leave the house to go to work.  It was still dark outside as the sun had not really broken the horizon.  As I was leaving the house, leaving as quietly as I could, I encountered a Wallaby on my driveway.  It was a very calm morning and the animal seemed happy just to watch me.  I spoke to it calmly and it sat there looking at me as I exited the house.  The Wallaby say watching me as I walked to my car and only hopped away when I started the vehicle.  This incident reminded me that I live so close to a National Park that I may encounter animals, such as this Wallaby, who may have never seen a human in their life.  It also reminded me of the beauty and tranquillity of nature.

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